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hey [Nov. 16th, 2004|11:16 am]

eh hi.ause my mom is sick and asked if i wanted to stay home and since i was half alseep i said. "yeeaah" and went back to sleep. im kinda sad cause im home and no one is here with me. i was with dust bunny last night and i miss him and i also miss alex and all that jazz. [hah, alex- i fight with jazz too!] so sas [saint agnes] is on a class trip to pensylvania to see a play and then ride home. damn i am sooo fuckin bored out of my mind. my mom was bitching with me about my phone and how she knows im gonna go over and how she will take it away. you wonna know who is really pretty? Elizabeth Hasselbek. she is on the view but she is pretty.. so now my sheets and bed smell of dust bunny cause he was laying on them and what not and it smells like his calone.  but it is a good smell and i like it. and also alex might be mad at me cause i was telling her she cant see dust bunny cause his mom said so and she is his mother so alex cant change the fact and wishing his mom was dead isn gonna do anything. well um i ruined another chance for dust bunnys kids cause i think i shoved either my elbow of my phone into his "area" [lol] but my phone was on his lap so i tried to get it so it isnt my fault. and then um my mom was bitching at me last night for no reason. while he was over and after he left, but i really should get used to it by now. i like the colors! hah but i like putting colors on it.. hehe i got to go my mom is a looser

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new name [Nov. 9th, 2004|02:52 pm]
[feelings |fullfull]
[tunes |alex on the phone]

hey cool cats..

i once again got another live journal name.. it is - r0kinnjlikewhoa
like it? add me to your friends list if you are on this ones please.. =]] thank you

i love yo0z
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*achoo* [Nov. 8th, 2004|03:19 pm]
[feelings |giddygiddy]
[tunes |the used]

ahh i just sneezed.. well uhm i can not wait until friday, me and dusty will have officially been going out for one month.. he doesnt wonna celebrate until weve been going out for one year and im fine with that as long as he is happy but would like to be with him that day.. so today i once again had school, eh sooo boring.. my mommy finnaly oredered me a winter jacket from pacsun, i like it alot! =]] well i found out a present im getting for halloween.. it is a girftcard for clothes [most likely from pacsun] this makes me happy. i hope for at least $200 but doubt it, it will probuly be like $100.. oh wel as long as i get my guitar [and hopefully a video camera] its all good.. christina gilpin told me that rob was saying shit about me in period 9 but i dont give a damn.. god i hate my answering machine recorder.. i want the used song or another song but it is a bitch.. oh wel ill try the otehr band i had in mind [the band that you shall not know the name] lol but oh well.. uhm i asked people if i should get something for dusty for friday and people said yeah i should get him a thong [thank you tiffany] cause im gonna bu him one, one day =]] lol.. but not for the anniversary. uhm i have a picture of him on my new phone and i was showing it to my friend and they all were like "he is hot!; omg he is soo cute.." so im soooo bored.. and i will be this whole frigin week cause i have nothing to do.. eek well hmm he said not until our year anniversary, awww.. that makes me sooo happy cause then i know how much he loves me.. =]] ill shut the hell up but i might say i is rare that im happy and when im with him, think of him, or talk about him im happy as hell so that is why i dont shut up about it.. um alex is growing her hair out? OMG!! my friend missy looks like ashleigh [dust bunnys sister.. lol dust bunny] but she looks like her with her glasses off and i had to take a picture of her jsut so i can show dust bunny and ashleigh and alex.. but i was shit scared.. well ima go find something to do.. i uess il start my homework.. eek =[[ im still waiting for erin to do my layout, thanks your the bestest..

peace out
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not done [Nov. 7th, 2004|09:42 pm]
because of tiffany i now know how to do this..-

thank you tiffany
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hey [Nov. 7th, 2004|09:30 pm]
[feelings |lovedloved]
[tunes |tv]

i feel special.. dusty i-med me and was like "hello beautiful.." and aww i smiled and blushed.. today was boring.. blah blah blah.. my cousin is seeing the used i am jealous. uhm i just made an entry to see if something worked so im out.. love yo0z bye
this is what i wanted t try i dont know if it will work or not though.. i like my smilie faces and my icon.. i dont tihnk the thing below will work so oh well it is weird laugh if you want

i love you dusty and alex
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hey [Nov. 5th, 2004|10:47 am]
[feelings |lovedloved]
[tunes |the used]

hey whats up? soo much drama.. i dont know if i told you about the whole dusty thing.. well he is allowed to see me.. im happy but e cant see alex and she is really upset about it but this will all clear down ina few days.. okay i saw this on a livejournal so i wanted to do this

I AM: annmarie .x. ann
I WANT: a hug

I HAVE: nothing but everything
I WISH : that dusty would stop saying amazing
I FEAR: skydiving .x. bungie jumping
I HEAR: dusty saying amazing
I WONDER: what is going on
I REGRET: nothing
I LOVE: my friends .x. family .x. stuffed cow

I ACHE: uhm eek?
I ALWAYS: listen to music
I AM NOT: ghetto
I SING: everyday
I CRY: alot but not lately
I WRITE: songs .x. poems .x. love letters
I WIN: hearts
I LOSE: everything i own
I CONFUSE: everyone
I NEED: a hug
I SHOULD: walk around topless with no bra on.. wink wink


YES or NO:
x.YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE: yes, i am right now..
LIKE THUNDERSTORMS: yeah cause then i can snuggle with the one i love and not be worried about a black-outs

HAIR COLOR: brown .x. blonde highlights
EYE COLOR: brown
HEIGHT: 5'1 around there
BIRTHPLACE: Rahway hospital

NUMBER: 7 .x. 17
COLOR: orange .x. black
DAY: friday .x. sunday
MONTH: july
SONG: choke on this .x.
FOOD: popcorn
SEASON: spring .x. fall
SPORT: softball
DRINK: water



GOTTEN SICK? eh kinda
GONE OUT FOR DINNER? does alex's dads house count?
MISSED AN EX? hell no
FOUGHT WITH A FRIEND? yes.. i was trying not to yell at him but i was pissed that dusty would not shut the fuck up with saying the same words over and over..[that pisses me off the most..]


Would you ever:
1. Eat a bug? no
2. Bungee jump? yes
3. Hang glide? yes
4. Kill someone? hmmm
5. Kiss someone of the same sex? hmm.. lol
6. Have sex with someone of the same sex? i dont know
7. Parachute from a plane? yes
8. Walk on hot coals? maybe
9. Go out with someone for their looks? no im not like that
10. For their reputation? no
11. Be a vegetarian? maybe
12. Wear plaid with stripes? i dont know im not the fashion queen
13. IM a stranger? i alreay have
14. Sing Karaoke? yes
15. Get drunk off your ass? yes
16. Shoplift? yeah
17. Run a red light? maybe
18. Star in a porn video? maybe
19. Dye your hair blue? yes
20. Be on Survivor? yes
21. Wear makeup in public? yes
22. Not wear makeup in public? yes
23. Cheat on a test? yes
24. Make someone cry? maybe
25. Date someone more than 10 years older than you? no that would be illegal
26. Stay up all night? yes

Arrested: no
Hand Cuffed: YES.. my brother lost the key so my cop uncle came and uncuffed me
Scared: yes
Depressed: yes
In Love: yes
Confused: yes

Fight: yes
Contact Fight: yea
In Debt: no
Sick: yes
In the hospital: yes
Insomniac: no
On illegal drugs: no
Drunk: no
High: no
On Tv: yah
On Probation: no
Under House Arrest: no
Grounded: no
Threatened: yes
Sexually Abused: kinda
Happy: yes
Too busy: yes
Hurt: yes
Ignored: yes

Ugly: yes
Lost: yes
Forgotten: yes
Used: yes
Clueless: yes
Dumb: yes
Helpless: yes
Ruined: yes
Pretty: eh when im with dusty..
Loved: yes
Annoying: yes

Meat/Veggies: veggies
Love/Money: love
Family/Career: family
Fat/Skinny: im not gona steriotype people..
Busy/Lazy: busy
Car/Bike: car
Summer/Winter: summer
Beach/Mountain: beach
Travel/Work: travel
Lover/Friend: friend
Right/Wrong: right
1 Best Friend/100 'friends': 1 best friend


You were rich: um im not gonna lie, i would buy clothes and help my family and then friends and then help poor kids
You were pregnant: well hmm i would make sure i was older first of all but if i was i would love my child with all my heart.. and make sure the daddy was there to help
You were robbed: call the coppers
You were deaf: learn signlanguage
Any one dream could come true: that all my friends and loved ones never get hurt..
You had one wish: i'd ask for a genie that granted 100 wishes.. and my last wish would be for more wishes..

i want to say this cause it is true- dusty i love you, i do.. thinking about all the love questions they had made me think how much i wanted to be with you and how much i miss you.. i love you!
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ugh.. [Nov. 3rd, 2004|07:18 pm]
[feelings |depresseddepressed]
[tunes |an awesome band that you shall never listen to.. haha]

well im still kinda upset.. yesterday there was so much frigin drama! and the begining of today was horrible too.. wel me and alex [well i dont know if this involes me but alex] but we are not allowed to talk to dusty, well we are but we have to departe for a while.. his mom thinks alex is crazy [she is so i dont know why she would complain.. lol] and we are ruining his grandmother life.. but she is an old cranky bitch who must have got someones foot shoved up her ass too many times.. his whole family makes my family look like fucking angels! but oh boy i miss him soooo much.. me and alex walked to his house otday and saw him for like 1 or 2 minutes and i just, i dont kno wio was gonna cry cause i wasn so happy to see him and then of course he had to go so i now know how alex felt with joe.. yeah but i dont know., now she is depresssed cause she misses joe.. DAMN the boy [alex brother]like charged at her and then alex fell right on her ass. me and alex are gonna make brownies soon!! YIPPIDY SKIPPIDY.. but i just chased alex down the fucking street while in my socks.. it is cold and alex wasnt even wearing socks!! she is crazy.. now i can understand what was oing through dustys moms minds.. JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING.. i love him cause i got in an arguement with marc that you can tell you love someone without even loosing them and i kinda lost dusty and i know that i love him.. i was praying last night [yeah me praying] becuase when alex wasnt allowed to tlak to joe he broke up with her so i was praying that wouldnt happen but then i prayed that isf it did that he would meet someone he loves who loves him and would never hurt him and never make him regret anything and they would love him as much as i do.. then i started to cry.. but oh well i mean what can i do but i know that wont happen, alex tells me he wouldnt do that cause he loves me to much and he is to desperate and wouldnt get another girlfriend so he would.. i laugh at the last 2 reasons!! hahahahaha...., ha but yeah omfg me and alex snuck out last night at 1-30 in the morninkg and came back and like went back out to marcs house cuase he was drunk! hah he is a great achoholic.. hehe =]] so we were there till like 3 am and then we left and went home.. we are going out tonight at like 1-30 or 2 around there and go to walgreens and make friends with the people at walgreens.. hehe thatnwill be fun maybe marc will be drunk again, call us and tell him to come over but he is sick.. omfg he grabbed alexs boob cause he was a "boobieologist"!! he tried to go under my shirt and grab my boob but i hit his hand and said no and he backed off.. then he like fell asleep on my ashoulder and when he got up we went on his deck and he was tlaking like adam sandler in the waterboy and also a black momma.. like how they talk sooo cool well he was.. i9 got my phone today but my mom isnt giving it to me till tomorrow. i cant wait!! okay im gonna go if you want my number leave a comment or just i-m me.. x1mxn0th1ngx for all you who dont know.. okay bye bye

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hey =]] [Oct. 31st, 2004|11:25 pm]
[feelings |hornyhorny]
[tunes |great band that shall not be named..]

hey.. guess what!? im at my bestest friends house in the whole wide fucking world.. do you know who? you should! but if you dont it is alex.. but we had fun today we went trick or treating as preps, well first we were preps and then hookers.. but then me, alex, and dusty went to his house and chilled with joe.. [at this time i was a preppy skater cause i was tired of running in heels so i took my vans which were in dustys bag and put them on and took his skateboard and began to ride it..] so it was now me, joe, dusty, ALEX, and unfortuanitly dustyns {why the fuck is it spelt with a Y?] sister alsheigh.. and so i had my period today and all that so i was hungry, bitchy, and horny.[ILMAFAO ALEX!!] but it was hilarious.. and then joe left and all that and so we were chilling and alex got really depressed and ran down the street and i was half asleep and then ashleigh tells me she is gone and that the clothes she was borrowing [she put pants and a sweatshirt over her shirt and skirt] and they were on the railing so i ran down the street and found her [everyone was like, "where is she?" and i knew where!! im just good like that.. im like fuckin sherlock holmes baby!! haha] but then we left and went to alexs home.. so yeah now we are just sitting here listenin to the best band ever! [but im not saying cause whenever i tell someone about a band everyone likes them and im just tired of people being like "oh yeah i love them.." when they really dont..] IM GETTING MY NEW CELLIE PHONE ON WENSDAY!! i tihnk me and alex have the same phone too.. hahaha what a coincedence? well it is cool it is a verizon flip camera phone.. well im out faster than a fat man with a taco..


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tired [Oct. 29th, 2004|11:05 pm]
[feelings |tiredtired]
[tunes |the television..]

hey today i went to the saint agnes basket ball game.. it was good, sas won 42-39.. i was screaming soo hard i lost my voice, lol.. well uhm tomorrow i might go to a soccer game with sam and then we ould go to get her hair cut and then off to the girls basketball game.. i might meet these guys named duffy and george so it is okay.. they seem cool from what i hear.. im sooooooooo sad.. dusty went to pensylvania today and wont come home till either tomorrow or sunday =[[, he called me when i was at the game and left a message on my house phone saying, "hi it is dusty.. an im going to PA and i wont be home all weekend so i wont be able to talk to you but, i love you and ill miss you.." i love him, i do and i miss him already.. i wish he was here cause i had a REALLY hard day, catherine isnt allowed to tlak to me and i broke down crying, i dont tihnk i ever cried that hard in my whole friggin life.. i was tlaking to catherine and we were in the parking lot and i was on the ground crying asking her "what the fuck did i do?, let those fuckin cars hit me.., get me a friggin knife.." and the catherine knew how seriously upset i was and i kept telling her and sam how i wouldnt cut mysef because dusty would break up with me cause he doesnt want all that "death poetry" crap and i love him and i dont want to loose him.. and i knew if i cut myself there ould be a "chain of sadness.." and then UNHAPPY MEALS. [this is mine and alex's joke.. DONT TAKE IT!!] sorry i mean this guy josepi said it and i was just like, "what the hell?" so um i hung out with all my sas buddies today and once again i found another way not to be friends with samantha deveau.. she was talking about my friend cc [who i am better friends with than i will ever be with samantha] and i told missy and cc and missy got in her face and was like, "you wonna know why people call you a slut?, because you act like one!" because samantha told her how she likes it when tommy grabs her ass and her boobs.. that really is slutty and i know samantha is a slut! i do and it is very sad that she trys to get attention like that..oh well she will never learn but what ever.. uh im gonna go cause i am friggin tired and i wonna get my halloween shit ready.. 2 MORE DAYS TILL HAllOWEEN!! YIPPIDY SKIPPIDY.. rock on

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tired, bored.. what else? [Oct. 26th, 2004|07:27 pm]
[feelings |tiredtired]
[tunes |dustys voice on the phone]

hey im sooo tired.. last night i went to bed at like 12-30 cause i was writting a letter to dusty.. i love it soooo much, im gonna see if he can come over on thursday and im gonna give it to him, i email it to alex and she told me she wanted to cry cause of it, she is jealous of the happiness me and him have. alex you dont need joe he was stupid for giving you up.. like i said you have me!! that was cheesy but hey like my away message says.. ::warning:: im dangerously cheesy..lol so uhm today i just chilled and talked on the phone.. tomorrow im going to the movies to see the grudge and if alex doesnt go i might ask dusty but i don't know.. uhm i just called my brother from his girlfriends house and i thought that his g/f's mom answered but it is some chick and i found out it is kates gma.. well if you wonna read my letter just post a comment and i will email it to you.. ERIN.. uhm what can i do for my layout? im so lost by all of that fancy shamcy lingo.. lol.. so uhm im on the phone with my cousin and yeah.. lol, i just read the note to sam and she was like "awww".. and uhm dusty just called..
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